Does your sales force need to access customer information in real time? Look into a digital solution giving access to key data that will allow them to act strategically and close the sale.

Maximize your sales force’s time

With our custom-made web and mobile solutions, your representatives will have access, directly on their mobile devices, to the information contained in your internal systems (CRM, Accounting System, ERP, etc.). Designed to facilitate their daily work and provide them with only the information they need, this extremely effective tool will allow them to quickly make the best decisions for your customers.

  • Remote access to customer information
  • Access to your product catalogues and their inventory
  • Monitoring of prespecting activities
  • Management of tasks and activites
  • Creation of purchase orders and mobile order taking with signature
  • History and visit reports
  • Inventory consultation

Why a custom solution?

Because we know your sales force will not subscribe to a tool that is not entirely adapted to its specific needs. Because you aspire to a more agile and strategic sales force at all stages of the sales process. And because your customers demand for a fast, accurate and professional service.

The key: automate your processes and improve communication between your departments.

This is what your CyberCat custom-made solution will bring you. Built for you to evolve with your growth.

Work together and win as a team

At CyberCat, our involvement does not stop with the delivery of a project. We have a strong desire to constantly deliver value to our customers. We knowing that our collaboration makes a difference, improves processes and contributes to success. Our experts support you throughout the analysis, implementation and improvement of the tools we develop. We are there with you.

Check out our case studies. And see the companies we are proud to support.



Planning is the key to success.

A workshop integrating IBM’s “Design Thinking” approach allows you to quickly define your needs, priorities and the most profitable solutions for your business..