Gain full control

To simplify the work of your managers, offer them solutions that will optimize their follow-ups, collaboration and communication.

Your possibilities are endless

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software make your managers faster and more agile by becoming true centralized management centers. Projects, inventories, contacts, resources and much more are managed in one place for seamless tracking.

Trade in the ready-made solutions available on the market for software packages that are custom designed by our team. In addition to being 100% adapted, these packages can be easily linked to any system already in use. The software packages and management software are developed at your pace, for smooth integration and a constant return on investment.

  • Centralized management of all customer data
  • Optimal production management with access to live inventory
  • Financial management and budget progress
  • Management and history of completed sales
  • Complete human resources management

The power of customization for your management

Studies have proven that many companies that choose existing ERP and CRM software are not entirely satisfied. Indeed, few of them really meet all their needs! At CyberCat, it’s simple: we create customized management software that evolves according to your real tasks and your growth. FLOW is our priority.

Get into the FLOW
to reach higher heights