We are committed to your success. We put creativity first.

25 years of creating innovative digital solutions, powering businesses and adding tremendous value to our partners’ businesses.

My passion for commitment

What is close to my heart? Building teams where trust, sharing and pride reign! Finding solutions that literally change people’s lives, make them successful and, let’s face it, happy! Getting involved with local businesses and becoming a lever for their success. Contributing in my own way to the Quebec of today and tomorrow.

Thanks to our digital solutions, we deliver positive business impact to our clients, helping them be more efficient in a highly competitive market and in an era in which labour is scarce

Benjamin Garant

Values that define us

Value 1
Prioritize the business need before the technology

We always prioritize initiatives that truly meet your business needs. The effectiveness and profitability of the solutions we develop in the field is all that matters.

Value 2
Delivering value rather than projects

We have a strong desire to take pride in our work and deliver value to our clients. When our contribution makes a difference, improves your processes and helps you succeed, that’s when we’re really happy.

Value 3
Find what makes you happy and win as a team

We believe that happy employees are those who do what they love every day. We know that calling on the strengths of each individual and offering the tools to become a better expert benefits everyone. Because when each link in the chain is strong, the whole team is strong.

Value 4
High performance in complexity

At CyberCat, we thrive on challenges! The higher the expectations, the greater our interest! Our clients’ projects become our own and we therefore have only one goal: to deliver the solution that will make them prosper.

Value 5
Work in partnership and be frank

We firmly believe that healthy and lasting relationships are marked by authenticity and transparency. Also, we are not afraid to talk about real issues to deliver the best.

Our process for your technology growth

Technology is the future of your business. But where do you start? Thanks to our years of experience in the field, we’ve created a seamless development methodology for our clients.

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