To increase your revenues, a transactional website is definitely an option to consider. If you are a B2B2C company and your products or services are somewhat complex, you should consider a CyberCat custom-made solution.

Benefit from a platform designed for you and that evolves with your needs

We develop secure tailored solutions which are fast, efficient and easy to maintain and which allow customers to order your products and services intuitively. Our B2B2C solutions can be integrated into your ERP system, your CRM or billing software. All this in order to efficiently manage your transactions and give you detailed statistics in real time.

  • Configurators
  • Submitting offers
  • Sample request management systems
  • Distributor and retailer network management
  • Management of margins and discounts
  • Product categorization and classification management
  • Price list management
  • Promotion management

Why a custom solution?

To offer more flexibility to your customers. Our experts will work from your unique specifications and develop a tool designed specifically to suit your needs and your nomenclature of products and services.

A powerful transactional tool that can integrate all the features you need and even those you have not yet imagined.

These are some of the benefits of our custom CyberCat solution, which is built for you now and to evolve with your growth.

Work together and win as a team

At CyberCat, our involvement does not stop with the delivery of a project. We have a strong desire to constantly deliver value to our customers. We knowing our collaboration makes a difference, improves processes and contributes to success. Our experts support you throughout the process of analysis, implementation and improvement of the tools we develop. We are there with you.

Check out case studies of companies we are proud to support.



Planning is the key to success.

A workshop integrating IBM’s “Design Thinking” approach allows you to quickly define your needs, priorities and the most profitable solutions for your business.