Management & Finance

Do you need to export operating data from different computer systems to Excel files? An interconnected dashboard with performance indicators adapted to your reality is the solution.

An ally for your company’s performance

The establishment of a dashboard brings together in a single place all the information, reports and other sensitive information about what’s going on in your business. The output of the operating figures for the preparation of your management committees or analysis of your performance will be greatly facilitated.

In particular it can enlighten your decisions informing you of the following:

  • Realign your production
  • Better manage your raw materials
  • Identify the most profitable elements
  • Evaluate your continuous improvement processes
  • Transform your operational data into decision-making information

Why a custom solution?

A dashboard combines the key data of your daily activities allowing you to analyze performance indicators like: capacity, productivity, profitability and even competitiveness.

It is an essential tool that will prove to be real guide for your business. It will guide your decisions and assist your employees in a number of strategic operations in order to increase your profitability.

These are some of the benefits of our custom CyberCat solution. Built for you to evolve with your growth.

Work together and win as a team

At CyberCat, our involvement does not stop with the delivery of a project. We have a strong desire to constantly deliver value to our customers. We knowing our collaboration makes a difference, improves processes and contributes to success. Our experts support you throughout the process of analysis, implementation and improvement of the tools we develop. We are there with you.

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Planning is the key to success.

A workshop integrating IBM’s “Design Thinking” approach allows you to quickly define your needs, priorities and the most profitable solutions for your business.