A team of experts always passionate!

At CyberCat, we all share the same philosophy. We are involved in everything we do.

Why work at CyberCat?

To be part of a motivated team and a company guided by a clear vision. We want to change the lives of our customers, one at a time, by teaming up with successful companies who, like us, believe in sincere collaboration and have the firm conviction that we will make a real difference in their daily lives by bringing value capable of improving their competitiveness.

Being part of the CyberCat team means:

  • Working with people with primary objective to deliver concrete projects addressing real challenges for our customers.
  • Believe in teamwork, thoroughness, social involvement and the fact that the pleasure of working is a necessity in order to remain creative and efficient.
  • Benefit from a very competitive salary, flexible working hours, a modern workspace offering ergonomic chairs and desks with exceptional lighting, rooms dedicated to formal and informal meetings, including drinking, indoor bike parking and shower.
  • Take advantage of daily easy access to the corner of Henri IV and Hamel with free parking.

Wanted Candidate

  • Spontaneous application

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    CyberCat is always interested in receiving the resumes of good candidates.

    Do not hesitate to submit your application.

    Be spontaneous!